1) Call 877-452-5638.

2) Download the .pdf application by clicking here.

3) Pay your application fee.

One Person click here to pay application fee.

Two People click here to pay application fee.

4) When your application(s) is completed and signed, fax application to 213-232-7778 at anytime day or night. You may also scan the documents. If you scan them, send the signed form to If ANY part of your form is not legible, your agent or a staff member will call to verify this information before running the credit.

The following information must be included on all applicaitons...
a) Last Name
b) First Name
c) MI
d) SSN
e) DOB
f) Drive's License
g) State of Driver's License
h) Current address
i) Apartment number/unit number
j) City/State/Zip
h) Previous address
i) Apartment number/unit number
j) City/State/Zip

All other information is requested to be completed. If it isn't, the home owner or development may question your application.

Special Note. We will not run your credit until our PayPal account shows your balance having been paid. To ensure this process, please email us your PayPal receipt (email

If you want to pay your credit check fee in person, checks made payable to: 
Loft Real Estate Inc. 
$30 per person over the age of 18. If you have a grantor for your lease

If the above link does not work, send your payment to via PayPal.

Fax applications: 213-232-7778 anytime

If someone is 'consigning' for your rental,
have them fill out an application too. Each person living in the home or who claims responsibility for the monthly rental payments must fill out an application to be considered to secure any rental property listed. 

Email your PayPal payment to: when asked for an email address at

The application fee covers criminal background & eviction check, credit history verification, and credit score. All application fees are NON-REFUNDABLE once we are handed a check or receive fees via an online paying service. Having your credit checked does not secure the property you are applying to lease. All applications must have a "wet" signature before processing. This means an ACTUAL signature.

Fax applications: 

Most condo loft building have move-in, move-out fees that are PAID DIRECTLY to the Home Owner's Association or Leasing Office. Plus, management offices may require an additional security deposit due at time of your move-in and/or move-out. Move-in/move-out fees are usually non-refundable. Security deposits are usually refundable as long as no damage has occurred to the building and all rules have been followed during your move. Please ask your agent if your building's Home Owners Association (HOA)requires these additional fees when you submit your application. You will not be giving these fees to any real estate agent, but actually providing these fees to a representative of the building you choose. These fees will be given to your landlord OR the Home Owner's Association directly before you move-in and are usually used to SECURE a move-in appointment.

Bands, DJs and potential tenants who like to make lots of noise. Loft Living LA representatives exclusively lofts and apartments in condominiums that maintain specific association rules that "prohibit" live music and excessive loud sounds coming from live/work spaces. If you plan on playing live or loud recorded music in your loft, we want to discourage you from applying to any of the properties we make available. EACH association has rules that strictly prohibit this behavior. Matter of fact, if you break these rules, the management company will charge you fees for each occurance. One Downtown loft community charges $1000 for each verified instance of a noise disturbance. This notice is our offical warning and notificiation to you.